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Rahat Nurament Oil 50ml


50ml in 1 Bottle
Rahat Nurament Oil 50ml
Rahat Herbal Indutries

Rahat Nurament Oil 50ml

Nurament Oil contains Nirgundi, Maidalakri, Sonth, Amba, Haldi, Kuchla, Neem, Ajwain, Majeeth, Taj, Narkachur, Lehsun, Methi, Loban, Aroma Colour, Ratanjot & Vegetable Oil.
Nurament Oil is a powerful medicine for fast relief of muscular pain, pain in joints, neck stiffness, sprains, cuts, burns, backache, sciatica, piles wounds, injuries etc.

Direction of use:
Apply on the affected area and massage gently to get relief. For external use only.

Weight 100 kg


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